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Sport strengthens bodies and characters of the tri-lateral LITPOLUKRBRIG soldiers

Running race, relay competition and chess tournament marked the main recent Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command sport activities in April 2017.

That was reported by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer.

In particular, yesterday on 20th of April 2017, staff officers from LITPOLUKRBRIG Command were competing against the Multinational Brigade HQ Battalion soldiers in 3 kilometer distance race. Later on, in a tight rivalry they held a relay during which, in teams of three the participants ran three rounds by 400 meters.


“We witnessed personal commitment and good teamwork of Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian officers during the competition. The multinational teams well supported their members in little sport victories as well as failures. In dynamic competitive atmosphere all the participants acted friendly and demonstrated good multinational cooperation not just at work, but in sports as well,” remarked Lieutenant Colonel Michał Małyska, Deputy Chief of Staff of LITPOLUKRBRIG.

Earlier, in Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command barracks a chess competition was held. All the three nations assigned their delegates to exercise the power of minds. In the challenging struggle three best chess players were selected for representing the Multinational Brigade in the Polish Armed Forces chess competition.

“We apply a wide spectrum of sport activities throughout the year to exercise and harden muscles, characters and minds of the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian officers. Such sport events for a short time draw out from routine activities, allow to improve cohesion and set some sport encouragement pace for the staff,” stated Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, LITPOLUKRBRIG Deputy Commander.

Photo by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer
Photo by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer
Photo by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer

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Oleksandr Gain
Oleksandr Gain
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