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SPG-9T2 – Vietnam’s Assassin Antitank

Along with B41, gun SPG-9T2 is regarded as anti-tank weapons destruction leading power in Vietnam Army.

In Vietnam, SPG-9 anti-tank gun was manufactured in factories Z125 under the General Department of Defense Industry under the name SPG-9T2 with a matching number of improvements in operational condition mountainous area, environmental conditions hot wet field, carrying infantry combat, …

SPG-9 anti-tank guns can be installed on military vehicles such as armored vehicles, pickups, … in order to enhance mobility.


In the production process antitank gun SPG-9T2 is important and complex part is making the gun.



In the trial in 2014 at the shot K3 – Military Zone 9, the anti-tank gun SPG-9T2 is installed on M-113 armored upgrade successfully destroyed the target.

The use of CNC machines and drills for machining capabilities lumen size 60-100 mm with time is shortened, for gun SPG-9T2, within 1 hour can drill 1 m2 and it is important that the Z125 machine can now manufacture drills, help actively in the production and reduce costs.

Compared with other types of grenade launchers antitank shoulder as B-40, B-41, the SPG-9 has the advantage of superior range (effective range of 800 meters, a maximum range of 1,300 m).

Antitank recoilless gun SPG-9 size 73 mm were Soviet-built in 1962 to replace the B-10 recoilless rifles, 82 mm size.

Basic specifications of SPG-9 anti-tank guns: Weight: 47.6 kg and 59 kg when prices 3 feet;

SPG-9 anti-tank gun capable of firing various types of ammunition, such as anti-tank grenade explosion standard dose concave PG-9, PG-9N;

Viewfinder: Optical viewfinder PGO-9 with 4 times magnification and PGN-9IR viewfinder for shooting night service.

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