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Russia’s ‘soldier of the future’ combat outfit gets nuclear-blast resistant watch

In a post published on July 3 by the Director of Defence-Blog, Dylan Malyasov, was announced the presentation of the Russian army’s third-generation combat suit. Now we know more details of this new equipment known as Ratnik-3

The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanism and continues working accurately in adverse climatic and operational conditions, and also in daily routines and during combat operations. Besides, the watch can even be used when swimming under water and combat gear has got a shockproof watch, which is resistant to electromagnetic impacts and capable of working even after a nuclear blast. “The watch, which we have included in the Ratnik outfit, retains its properties upon the impact of radiation and electromagnetic impulses, for example, upon a nuclear blast,” Chief Designer for the Life Support System of the Soldier Combat Outfit at the Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TsNIITochMash, part of Rostec) Oleg Faustov saying.

The Industrial Director for Rostec’s Armament Cluster Sergey Abramov said that the Ratnik combat gear was continuously upgraded and a modern soldier’s outfit was becoming ever more perfected. “The level of technology and the reliability of the elements of servicemen’s outfit is growing. Correspondingly, the level of a soldier’s capabilities on the battlefield is increasing. This new development by Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering is another step in this direction,” he said.


The total weight of the gear will be reduced by 30%, the Ratnik kit comprises five integrated systems that include life support, command and communication, engaging, protection and energy saving subsystems. It is designed to be used round-the-clock in all weather conditions. The Ratnik comprises a total of 59 items including various bulletproof vests and protective helmets, a combat one-piece garment, a headset with active protection, protective glasses, a grenade launcher, assault rifles, sniper rifles, munition, a combat knife, round-the-clock reconnaissance devices and unified optical and thermal imaging sights. A target designation system will be mounted on the helmet`s faceshield, while the bulletproof vest will be able to stop several bullets, the kit will use exoskeleton mechanisms, a display system to show information on faceshield or protective glasses and microclimate control and health monitoring devices, they are completing the scientific research on creating the future layout of the Ratnik-3 combat gear and the implementation of the project will allow to increase the performance of a soldier by 1.5 times in completing various tasks.

The third generation of the Ratnik combat gear may appear by 2022, said the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces Col. Gen. Oleg Salyukov.

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