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Russia produces the smallest in the world reusable BUR grenade launcher

Specialists of the KBP Instruments Design Bureau produced the smallest in the world reusable BUR grenade launcher. It has successfully passed state tests and has been taken into service.

The total length of the complex is only 742 mm and the weight of the device in the equipment with the grenade does not exceed 3500 gram.

Grenade launcher allows to solve a wide class of military problems.


According to the KBP Instruments Design Bureau in the Russian city of Tula, developers were tasked with creating the lightest grenade launcher in the world, something that can allow soldiers to conduct military operations at any time of day or night.

Efficiency of the grenade launcher is proved by practical shooting. The National Guard and special operations forces of the Ministry of Defense got a compact, very powerful weapon.

BUR has the following technical characteristics:

  • Caliber-62 mm
  • Max. effective range -650 meters
  • Overall range-950-metres
  • Operating temperature range – from minus 40 to plus 55 °С

The KBP MGK “Bur” system basically consists of two components: the launch unit and the self-contained rocket tube. The polymer-made launch unit integrates a pistol grip, a trigger with a manual safety, a ribbed handguard, and a mounting bracket for Russian-type day and night sights such as optical sights, thermal or infrared sighting units, laser rangefinder, and such. Optical sighting units can be attached to the launch unit with a quick-detach bracket.

Experts emphasize, that BUR has no counterparts.

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