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Patria expects new 8×8 AMV contract from Slovakia this summer

Finland’s Patria expects to sign a contract for delivery of 8×8 AMV vehicles to Slovakia this summer.

During the 7th IDEB international defence and security exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia,  Patria exhibited its AMV platform equipped with the NEMO 120mm mortar system as part of an ongoing Finnish-Slovak bilateral development programme.

According to expert Norbert Tomasovsky, the Finnish producer presence was about to formally and successfully claim the signing of the contract with the defence ministry of Slovak Republic with the contract of delivering the PATRIA AMV as the AFV wheeled base where the turret will be manufactured by DMD group ( member of CSG czechoslovak group ) equipped with smoke grenade launcher system, 30 mm high-velocity gun and 7, 62 mm coaxial MG ( almost the same as what is using the CV-90 Swedish AFV)


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The Slovakian Ministry of Defence intends to procure 81 of the Finnish-built Patria AMV XP vehicles, the company’s newest, specially customised model.

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In May 2017, the Slovak government approved a request from the Slovak Ministry of Defense for the €1.2 billion procurement of 404 4×4 and 81 8×8 armoured vehicles. The first delivery of the vehicles could be started in 2018 and be completed in 2029.

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