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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Vietnamese Ka-28 Helicopter Test Flight in Crimea

Rossiya 24 TV channels (Russia) has posted photos helicopter Ka-28 submarine hunter of the Vietnam test flight in Sevastopol after completing the upgrade.

Information on the Ka-28 helicopters in Vietnam was repaired in Crimea was Russian media reported many times before. In May 8/2014, NTS-TV channel broadcast images 2 helicopter Ka-28 logo painted Vietnam Air Force is being repaired at the factory in Sevastopol, Crimea city.

Known repair contract to upgrade the helicopter Ka-28 was signed in 2010, while Vietnam has decided to sign a contract with Ukraine’s Sevastopol plant to repair and upgrade all of the Ka-28 payroll.


‘Assassin’ hunting ground of Vietnam Ka-28 was transferred to Ukraine to implement these items include: reinforced prolonged shelf chassis, replace the electronic components of the older generation semiconductor devices digital, installation of LCD display, equipped with software control of new weapons permits the firing of modern weapons …

Ka-28 helicopter using coaxial rotors, made of composite materials and used antifreeze, Ka-28 can operate in cold waters, distilled, landing on the deck of the vessel conditions shake, wave to wind its lon.Ban to 200km diameter of operations.

To do that, the Ka-28 is equipped with two turbine engines TV3-117KM. Thanks to “two coaxial rotor lift” eliminate torque to rotate the fuselage to K-28 eliminates the tail rotor, which Ka-28 can operate in a flexible manner, especially in the case of moving dramatically in many different directions, not affected by wind to pass.

In particular, it can be stored, landing, “flying hanging” and operate in all weather conditions. Due to the small diameter propeller size of the Ka-28 is compact, can be deployed on the “little ships”. The helicopter is fitted with spherical buoy allows landing on water in emergency conditions.

Ka-28 helicopters are equipped with electronic systems including radar reconnaissance both scanning, detecting underground targets, both functional inquiry, led the way; Sonar equipment underground VGS-3 is used to detect submarines, determine the exact coordinates of the submarine.

Equipment hunting ground of the Ka-28 also has the sensitivity magnetic float, allowing detection of the target at a depth of 500 m below the surface and up to 10 km away. Ka-28 can carry out reconnaissance activities underground in rough sea conditions, the wave level 5, search radius up to 200 km. Ka-28 combat often in formation, at least two of which, 1 the detection task, the rest receive information and destroy targets.

Regarding weapons, Ka-28 is equipped with all kinds of self leads 533 mm torpedo, rocket torpedoes (two environments), 10 cluster bombs and bomb OMAB PLAB 250-120. Whether this type of torpedo 533 mm large size but its advantage is being able to destroy most of the submarines in the world. Whether this type of torpedo 533 mm large size but its advantage is being able to destroy most of the submarines in the world.


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Executive Editor