Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ukraine rolls out new Gorlytsa tactical unmanned aircraft


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A new combat-capable Gorlytsa tactical unmanned aircraft, developed by the state-owned aircraft company Antonov, was formally unveiled at the runway of Hostomel Airport near Kyiv on Nov. 8.

The state-owned aircraft company Antonov, which is part of the Ukrainian “UkrOboronProm” concern, has developed the tactical unmanned aircraft system for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This will be the first domestic tactical unmanned system, which can carry armament, included guided missiles.

Gorlytsa (Turtle dove in Ukrainian) is a multifunctional tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS). UAS consists of four an unmanned aircraft, a remote pilot station and the command, control and communications links that join them. According to the company, a team of 22 people is required to operate and maintain the four-drone system.


  • Gross weight capability – 200 kg.
  • Service ceiling – 2000m
  • Maximum ceiling – 5000m.
  • Wingspan – 6.7m.
  • Maximum speed – 230 km/h
  • Tactical range – 80km.
  • Maximal total range – 1050km.
  • Payload – 50kg.
  • Endurance – 7 h.

Powered by a single engine, the Gorlytsa UAS can fly at speeds of 150-180 kilometers per hour, has a maximum altitude of 5000m, and an endurance of up to 7 hours.

The UAS can carry an armament payload of up to 50 kilograms, such as two guided air-to-ground missiles or four light bombs.

Ukrainian-made Gorlytsa tactical unmanned aircraft. Photo by Oleg Katkov/ UkrOboronProm

Ukrainian-made Gorlytsa tactical unmanned aircraft. Photo by Oleg Katkov / UkrOboronProm

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