The Armed Forces of Belarus to buy the «Polonez» (Polonaise) multiple rocket launcher (MRL). Attack range of the «Polonez» MRL to 200 kilometers. It has a larger engine which can boost an unpowered second stage with vanes for lift and control fins directed by an inertial measuring unit-navigation satellite guidance system.

«Polonez» MRL have caliber 301 mm at a length of 7264 mm and 615 mm swing stabilizers. Weight 750 kg missile. Warhead (three different types) are separated, combined guidance system – inertial satellite correction (GPS). Firing range of 50 to “200” km. CWE warhead to a maximum range of different sources claimed 30 to 50 m. A volley of eight missiles on eight different targets can be produced in 50 seconds, while preparing to volley – 8 minutes.

«Polonez» MRL made on the chassis MZKT-7930 8×8.