Monday, October 5, 2020

South Korea’s AH-64E attack helicopters shots down unmanned aerial vehicle

The South Korean Army attack helicopters shot down unmanned aerial vehicles during a live-fire exercise at an artillery range in Boryeong, South Chungcheong Province. That was reported by

Two AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters of the South Korean Army each fired a Stinger air-to-air guided missile at a target unmanned aerial vehicle 2.5 kilometers away. It was a first live-fire exercise of Stinger air-to-air guided missiles launched from attack helicopters.

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It is the first time the South Korean Army actually deployed the missile from an attack helicopter. A total of four Apache helicopters were mobilized during the drill.

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The Stingers air-to-air guided missiles on AH-64E Apache Guardian to provide shoot down of North Korean aircraft or drones that can infiltrate the South without being detected in the event of a contingency.

An Apache helicopter can carry up to four Stinger missiles, which have a maximum range of 6 km.


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