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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

South Korean Air Force releases video showing F-35 striking North Korea’s latest missile system

The Republic of Korea Air Force,  an aerial warfare service branch of South Korea, has released a new advertising video showing F-35A stealth fighter striking North Korea’s latest missile system.

The video of new ads includes footage of F-35A’s strike of the newest Hwasong-14 mobile intercontinental ballistic missile developed by North Korea with Russian-made Pantsir-S1 truck-mounted short-range air defense systems and Soviet Kvadrat system.

The Hwasong-14 is the most advanced North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile, with a range of around 10,000 kilometers, capable of reaching the continental U.S.


According to Missile Threat, if factoring in the rotation of the Earth, which provides a range boost when travelling eastward, the Hwasong-14’s coverage area would include the West Coast, Chicago, and possibly even New York. North Korean press statements claimed the missile could “strike anywhere on earth.”

As to F-35A, this stealth fighter is a key component of South Korea’s so-called Kill-Chain pre-emptive strike program, which is part of South Korea’s strategy to deter North Korean military action.

The first two F-35As arrived in South Korea in March of this year. South Korea is also considering placing a follow-up order of 20 F-35As with DAPA reportedly already having initiated their procurement. North Korea classifies the F-35A a “strategic asset” for the South.

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