The first batch of helicopters were returned to the Indian military after a major overhaul

In 2004, the enterprise delivered nine Ka-31 helicopters to India. Six of the vehicles exhausted their capabilities before the first scheduled maintenance and were sent to Kumertau for repairs. The first two of these have been returned to India for further use. The remaining helicopters will be returned in the near future.

In total, 14 Ka-31 helicopters were produced for India. A special base was created in Goa to service these aircraft. Each year, experts from Kumertau travel to India to organize maintenance work on these helicopters.


The Ka-31 is designed for air and ground radar surveillance, early detection of surface ships, and detection of low flying targets across long distances, such as cruise missiles, helicopters, and airplanes. The helicopter’s equipment can identify detected targets, identify the parameters and coordinates of their movement, and convey information about what is being observed on the radar to military ships and command centers.

The design of the helicopter is based on the Ka-29 ship transport and attack helicopter. It can be based on ships and on airfields.

The Indian military highly values the Ka-31 for its ability to detect and track a large number of targets. The heart of the Ka-31 onboard system is powerful radar with a rotating antenna for circular view that is created during flight.