Friday, November 6, 2020

Iraq has ordered 4 dual-control Mi-28NE combat training helicopter

The Iraq has ordered 4 dual-control Mi-28NE combat training helicopter  to be delivered by the end of 2016. The Mi-28NE is a new combat training helicopter with dual-control designed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

The Mi-28UB is a the export version of the Mi-28UB and can also serve as an attack helicopter, performing search-and-destroy missions against land-based targets, small naval vessels and low-speed aerial targets during the day or night and in all weather conditions.

Total Iraq have ordered 15 Mi-28 of standard version and 4 of dual-control. The first three Mi-28 (even without mast-mounted radar RLS N025E) were delivered to Iraq on 28th August 2014.


The Mi-28NE helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 300km/h, with a cruise speed of 270km/h. It has a hover ceiling limit of 3,600m and can operate at altitudes up to 5,600m.


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