In International Defence Industry Fair ( IDEF 2015 ) showed new HISAR-O medium range air defense system developed by Aselsan and Roketsan.

The HISAR is a family of surface to air missile system being developed by Aselsan and Roketsan since 2007. It consist of the HİSAR-A low attitude air defense system and HİSAR-O medium range air defense system.

First flight test of HISAR-O succesfully completed at 23.07.2014n


A Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile System, with infrared seeker head and vertical launch capability against airborne targets (Helicopters, Fighter Aircrafts, UAV’s, etc.) will be developed under the scope of the contract between ASELSAN and ROKETSAN.

MAAD Missile, under development by ROKETSAN, is planned to have the following capabilities: IIR Seeker Head Vertical Launch Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Lock-on Fire-and-forget/fire-observe and upgrade Capability RF Data Link with the Launcher.

The HISAR air defense system will enter the Turkish military inventory in 2017.