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F-22 pilots receives modern GAU-5A automatic rifles

The U.S. Air Force’s 3rd Wing announced on his Facebook page that the new GAU-5A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon will increase the firepower of the F-22 fighter jet pilots if they ever have to eject over enemy territory.

The post reads, “Thank you 673 SFS for showing our F-22 leaders the new GAU-5 that will increase the firepower of our pilots if they ever have to eject over enemy territory.”

The newest GAU-5A is a compact conversion of standard M4 carbines, specially designed to be stowed aboard the U.S. Air Force combat aircraft.

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New rifles have a compact size, firepower, high reliability and reduced signature. It’s designed to fit into the standard survival kit under the ejection seat for downed fighter and bomber crews if they are ever shot down behind enemy lines.

As a bases M4 carbine, the GAU-5A uses standard 5.56mm ammunition with an effective range beyond 200m. The weapon can be assembled/disassembled in 60 seconds without tools.

Prior to the introduction of this weapon system, pilots who found themselves in a downed-aircraft scenario were forced to rely on their personal sidearm for self defense.

Photo by 3rd Wing
Photo by 3rd Wing
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