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China’s UAV completes multi-type ammunition live-fire test


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China’s homemade Caihong-4 (CH-4) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) conducted a six-day multi-type ammunition live-fire test successfully in January in northwestern China.

CH-4, developed on the basis of CH-3, has the capability to mount a variety of task loads. This is the first multi-type ammunition live-fire test for CH-4.

CH-4 conducted the live-fire test with five types of ammunition including 50 kg cluster bomb, 50 kg terminal-sensitive projectile, 50 kg satellite-guided bomb, 100 kg laser-guided bomb and 100 kg satellite-guided glided bomb. The results of the test indicate that all of the ammunition meet the required design standards.

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The five types of ammunition have different features and tactical performance.

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The 50 kg cluster bomb can effectively implement regional blockades and kill hard-and-soft targets such as effective strength and airport facility. The 50 kg terminal-sensitivity projectile can destroy armor targets such as tanks in devastating fashion. Its infrared model can track thermal dynamic conditions in real time and its millimeter wave model can capture targets ultra-accurately. The 50 kg satellite-guided bomb can launch a deadly attack from higher space with satellite navigation. The 100 kg laser-guided bomb can help CH-4 hit valuable targets. The 100 kg satellite-guided glided bomb can launch assault from over 10 km away.

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CH-4 can mount different types of bombs at the same time and therefore it can implement efficient strike to more targets in longer distance and with faster response speed.

This live-fire test for CH-4 has laid a solid foundation for enriching the ammunition supporting scope for future models of this UAV series.

Shi Wen, chief engineer of the CH UAV, said that this enhanced CH-4 is developed based on the latest needs of customers. It provides a variety of task load mounting capability for multiple and potential users at home and abroad.

According to Shi Wen, the R&D team will carry out the joint flight test project of CH-3 and CH-4 to realize the functions of UAV formation operations, intelligence sharing and intelligence distribution and processing, just in order to provide users with a complete set of UAV solutions.

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