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Yaron Roded: Choosing the best multi-mission armored vehicles


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Mr. Yaron Roded, VP – Armored Vehicles Programs of Plasan told about choosing the best multi-mission armored vehicles.

As armies, homeland security officers and police forces around the world try to choose the right “light armored 4×4 vehicle” for their many missions they face; it may seem like they have a lot of vehicles to choose from.

But, can they really depend on new or untested vehicles to meet the challenges of the next decade?  And what are the main criteria? Is it just price or the right combination of proven performance, enhanced protection, vehicle power and maneuverability, multi mission capability and low total cost of ownership?

Today’s police forces must fight heavily armed criminal that rule parts of major cities, terrorist attacks, contain increasingly violent riots and act as first responders team for facing national disasters where deadly materials and Fire put everyone at risk.

These Police Forces need vehicles offering enhanced protection against more Powerful Weapons, Dirty Bombs, Fires and Chemicals.  The vehicles must be able to manoeuvre in populated urban areas, clear road-blocks and traverse difficult off road terrains.

That’s why so many Police and Army forces have selected Plasan’s SandCat 4×4 armored vehicles for their service.  With more than 500 vehicles being deployed and used worldwide, and more on order, the SandCat family of Armored Vehicles offers 10 years of mission success in multiple missions on all types of terrains.

More: Security Service of Ukraine received first SandCat Armored Vehicles

SandCat is used by forces in Israel, Canada, Europe, Korea, Africa, Mexico, Colombia and others.  The vehicle can be used as a Troop Carrier, or be used as a Tactical and Command Center, Ambulance or a VIP protection.

You need a proven multi-mission solution, with hundreds of vehicles in action worldwide, to bring your troops to the mission and bring them back safely.

Price, protection and performance

The SandCat provide perfect balance between protection, comfort and payload – perfect suite the missions faced by the operating force, enables to provide an advanced armored vehicle solution, delivering high ballistic protection from varied levels of threats: Bullets and an Enhanced Floor Protection keeps the crew safe against Blast Threats such as: Mine, IED.

Armored vehicles are relied upon by SWAT, Border Patrol, VIP protection, Command and Control, Riot Control and Peacekeeping Missions.

Speed, Maneuverability and Protection

Armored vehicles need speed, maneuverability, fast turning and the ability to travel over different types of terrains.  The SandCat offers better protection without extra weight.

The maneuverability and speed of the SandCat makes them appropriate for Jungles, Plains and Urban areas. Having a compact size allows them to go to difficult areas like alleyways, narrow passages and more.

The vehicle’s enhanced 4×4 Ford F-550 chassis shorten to 135″ wheel base for improved maneuverability, equipped with an energy efficient 6.7L, 350hp Turbo diesel engine provides plenty of power while saving fuel.

More: Azerbaijan showcase new «SandCat» armored vehicles purchased from Israeli Plasan company

The vehicle can climb and quickly traverse tough slopes, cross streams and swamps. SandCat has a small turning radius and offers speed, quick turns in tight areas, enables the vehicle to smash barriers – all with advanced protection.

Lower lifetime costs

Lifetime cost of ownership is a major part of every purchase decision.

Whether you need a vehicle for security, tactical missions, Special Forces, VIP protection or homeland security; for the army, security forces or police; you need a proven multi-mission solution which is based on a COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) Ford F-550 chassis.

With more than a decade of constant innovation and hundreds of vehicles in action worldwide, count on Plasan to bring your troops to the mission and bring them back safely.

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