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Ukrainian special service units used unique bullets in the eastern Donbas region

During the anti-terrorist operation on Ukrainian territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions under control of pro-Russian separatists in 2015 Ukrainian special service units of the Army and snipers of the National Guards applied new unique live cartridges developed by the Engineering Company “Stiletto Systems LTD”.

That was reported by UKRAINIAN DEFENSE REVIEW magazine.

Ammunition was delivered to the military according to the сompany’s initiative. Results of combat application, if compared with the standard rifle sniper and submachine gun cartridges, have become stunning for the shots. Targets – tanks’ optical devices, frontal armor of the enemy’s APCs and AFVs, as well as enemy’s infantry – have been hit effectively at previously inaccessible ranges. Shooting was carried out from foreign and standard sniper SVD rifles.


“Having our ammunition ensuring high armor piercing, as it was seen in Donbass, we, in practice, pull up armored vehicles at a range from 400 to 700 meters, including hitting of manpower behind the armor. Submachine-gun cartridge 5.45 when shooting against armored vehicles’ frontal armor solves this task at 400 m range.Rifle cartridge 7.62 by 54 – at 700 meters range”, – Aleksandr Kalachev comments performance capabilities of Stiletto’s designs. He is one of the three managers and founders of the Engineering Company “Stiletto Systems LTD”. He is engaged in ammunition and small arms subjects for more than 20 years.

Donetsk airport

Persons who used them in a battle against aggressors shared their experience.

  • “My call is “Chaos”. I participated in anti-terrorist operation in 2014-15 in Lugansk and Donetsk Regions. Area of 29th checkpoint. The said ammunition was used against APC. Range was 400 m. We shot at armor shield of a driver because gunner-operator is sitting behind him. I made 4 shots by the Stiletto’s cartridges. Vehicle I was firing against from SVD rifle, left battle formation, turned around, abandoned infantry and left the battlefield. According to a ballistic table such cartridges correspond to other Soviet-made ones, so, there is no need to change aiming point. In the parameters, this ammunition is fit for standard arms used by the Ukrainian Army”.
  • “My call is “Byelorus”. I’m commander of the operation group. Our snipers were working with this ammunition in Luganskaya Stanitsa. After operations of our snipers enemy didn’t use vehicles in this area. Enemy’s snipers approached our positions very seldom. They were afraid. They didn’t have an idea what ammunition we used there. They had no idea what ammunition can shoot through APC, kill driver etc. we used SVD rifl e and fired by single rounds from 7.62 calibers Kalashnikov submachine-gun. Such ammunition is in need for snipers and operation groups as far as any situation may occur, especially when fighting in towns. Such ammunition is indispensable in premises where enemy’s snipers and rifl emen are hidden. Any other ammunition we have is line ective as compared with this new one. A machine gunner was in a building, your bullet from SVD rifle pierced concrete slab and hit his head. If shot by any other ammunition, ricochet could be at its best…»
  • “My call was “Magnum”. I used and tested this ammunition on a battle in 2014, and in 2015. I used them also during defense of Donetsk Airport. Especially I’d like to recommend them to snipers. For sure. I was operating SVD. Indications in grouping capability are comparable to sniper ammunition, but new ammunition possesses better armorpiercing ability. There was an incident: machine gunner and one more target were sitting behind an armored door. I made two shots, then we heard talks: “What “ukrops” (Ukrainians) fi ght with? Two shots and two hit targets, door and bullet-proof vests are through”. Distance then towards two targets was 450 m. The most my e ective shot range with this ammunition was 815 m”.

Ammunition of the Company “Stiletto Ukraine”/Stiletto Systems LTD in 2014 had been tested by NATO institutions (in particular, Royal Military Academy of Belgium and Cranfield Military University (England), who confirmed significantly higher opportunities in armor-piercing of the Stiletto’s bullets, if compared ammunition of other manufacturers by caliber.
Cartridges of Stiletto Company were also experimentally checked in Ukraine for evaluation of hitting efficiency of personal armor protective equipment and armor materials.

Both, the Army men and guardsmen in their reports declared that “confirmed conformity of declared specifications of the products to their practical values obtained during the tests”. The report of the the Central Research Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, says that armor plate of bullet-proof vest of the max protection level (IV protection class according to N.I.J 0101 USA; or 6th protection class according to GSTU 4103-2002) had stood the firing by bullets LPS (light steel bullets) and B-32 7.62 mm of a rifle cartridge from 10 m range. But the same bullet-proof vest was pierced from 60 m range by bullets BS from the Stiletto’s cartridge 7.62×54 mm and 7.62×51 mm.

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