Friday, January 22, 2021

Ukrainian defense company has developed the new Armoured Personnel Carrier 8×8

Ukrainian defense company «PRACTIKA»  has developed the  concept  of new Armoured Personnel Carrier 8×8.

General of the Army of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff, Ukrainian Armed Forces, visited  research-and-production association «PRACTIKA» in Kiyv. During the visit company «PRACTIKA»  showcase  the new concept Armoured Personnel Carrier.

The new APC  is designed to provide maximum operational flexibility and protection. The  concept APC is a tactical armored vehicle with advanced ballistic and blast protection, ensuring crew survivability in the modern day battle field.


The company «PRACTIKA» specializes in armored vehicles production.

Production activity of the company has five basic directions:

  • Armoured vehicles(cars of VIP class; cars cash – in – transit; cars for people carriage, military armoured vehicles)
  • The Bank equipment (storehouses of values; doors; safes; cases archival; the equipment for depositaries; means of technical protection of the information; servers, currency exchange items; cash cabins; protection platforms-sluices)
  • The Fire-prevention equipment(doors; gates; a curtain; a glazed partition; the hatch; the valve)
  • The Equipment for nuclear stations (hatches; gates)
  • Security glazing


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