Sunday, June 7, 2020

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UKRAINIAN ARMOR company develops new mobile mortar system


Ukrainian company LLC UKRAINIAN ARMOR is developing the new 120 mm mobile mortar system based on Varta armoured multi-purpose vehicle.

The mobile mortar system consists of a highly mobile Varta 4×4 platform, on the rear of which can be mounted 120mm mortar plus 40 units of ready-use ammunition. The main feature of the mobile mortar system is its singular mobility. It is capable of being deployed automatically within 12 seconds. Time for retraction – 10.

The new mobile mortar system can operate in day or night conditions. It boasts direct and indirect fire capabilities with high accuracy (pointing and positioning), improved responsiveness and rapid target switching (shoot, shift, shoot).


  • automatic deployment and retraction system
  • artillery tube automatic horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • data receipt from external sources of a record RS-232/422
  • simi automatic artillery tube horizontal and vertical adjustment by a gun control console of a portable device “joy stick” type
  • reflection on the digital display of a gun controls console of a guidance angle of a artillery tube
  • ammunition storage


  • Amount of an ammunition equipment min. pieces – 40
  • General immobilization on the ground – automatic
  • Height of a platform of an articulated vehicle – mechanic on the ground no more than, m – 1,5
  • Time for deployment by an automatic insertion on the ground, s – 12
  • Time for retraction – 10
  • Weight of the equipment without an artillery tube no more than, kg – 370
  • Traverse guidance angle, grade: from -90 to +90
  • Elevation guidance angle, grade: from +45 to +85
  • Accuracy of an artillery tube positioning no more than – 2
  • Difference between primary guidance angle of an artillery tube after retraction and axis of a crate of a mortar launcher no more than, thsd from 0,1 to 10
  • Speed, grade/s declared supply voltage: 22-29
  • Consumption no more than, kW – 3

LLC UKRAINIAN ARMOR also develops and produces various other types of vehicles, including ambulances for civilian and military applications, field kitchens and artillery weapons.

Its vehicles are operated by Ukraine’s rapid deployment police task forces operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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