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U.S. Army wants new 155mm artillery system


The U.S. Army this week took another step toward replacing the current fleet of towed howitzers, releasing a request for proposals for more mobile, lethal, and survivable 155mm artillery systems.

The Pentagon is looking for industry solutions that are able to meet U.S. Army future requirements of the 155mm mobile howitzer program.

On Jul. 30, the Army posted a solicitation on the U.S. government’s main contracting website, for vendors to participate in a Shoot-Off Evaluation concerning the future of the Army’s mobile howitzer effort at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona in FY2021.

Also added that the United States Government recognizes the risk of US ammunition compatibility with foreign cannon systems, so the USG will provide a M776 Cannon Assembly, currently used on M777 Towed Howitzer and qualified with all US ammunition, to vendors who wish to utilize it in their Shoot-off Evaluation system. Providing the M776 Cannon as Government Furnished Equipment is contingent upon the contractor having a viable integration concept for its use.

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At the same time, a collaborative team from AM General and The Mandus Group developing new 155mm forward recoiling howitzer mounted on an FMTV ( Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles), called the Brutus.

Howitzer is capable of using a wide range of ammunition for deployment against protected and unprotected targets, to create counter-mobility obstacles to block the manoeuvres of enemy armoured forces and to obscure or illuminate an area.

No further details on the howitzer have been released but noted that the U.S. Army interested in new, more mobile, lightweight artillery pieces.

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