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U.S. Army confirms plan to acquire new SLAM portable multipurpose munition


The U.S. Army Contracting Command has confirmed plan to acquire a new M4A1 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM) and M320A1 SLAM Trainer Kit.

The Army announced in Jul. 23 notice posted to the U.S. government’s main contracting website that it intends to issue a non-competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) to Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (NGIS), Doing Business As (DBA) Orbital Alliant Techsystems, Inc. (OATK), for the procurement of the M4A1 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM) and M320A1 SLAM Trainer Kit.

SLAM is a multipurpose munition designed to be readily portable and hand-emplaced against lightly armored infantry vehicles, parked aircraft and petroleum storage sites. It can operate day and night during all weather conditions to defeat selected targets using an Explosively Formed Penetrator warhead.

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SLAM has four operating modes: bottom-attack, side-attack, timed-demolition and operator-initiated mode. SLAM will self-destruct at the end of a set time selected by the operator during its employment.

According to an announcement posted on Federal Business Opportunities, the M320A1 SLAM Trainer Kit design is comprised of identical size, shape, and external interface of the M4A1 SLAM, but is completely inert and powered to provide visual and audible feedback to the user.

Also noted that the period of performance for this contract will be for five years from the date of contract award. The contract will include a minimum guarantee of $10,000,000.00 and a maximum contract ceiling price of $92,966,361.00. As future requirements are identified during the period of performance, the Government will utilize FFP delivery orders, as applicable.

Photo by Pfc. Javon Spence
Photo by Gertrud Zach
Photo by Gertrud Zach
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