The DT-3PM is an all terrain armoured vehicle produced by «Machine-building Company «Vityaz» of Russia, reported military-informant.com.

DT-3PM fully amphibious armoured vehicle based upon the characteristic twin-cab, articulated steering system. DT-3PM are designed for use in diverse climatic conditions, on the grounds with low sup­porting power (marsh, snow, off-roads, wooded cross-country) at ambient temperatures from +40 to -50° C.

DT-3PM belongs to a principally new type of high-speed off road transporters-jointed tracked vehicles, featuring a high load and bale capacities, good trafficability and maneuverability in the most hostile road and climatic conditions.

    • Carrier mass, tons 11
    • Load carrying capacity, tons 3
    • Number of seats in cabin 5+12
    • Fuel distance, km 800
    • Fuel distance, km 800
    • Maximal road speed, km/hr 50
    • Maximal water speed, km/hr 4-6

Joint-stock company «Machine-building Company «Vityaz» is one of the most modern machine-building enterprises in Russia.

Since 1982 the enterprise has being specialized in production of amphibian and nonamphibian modifications of two section track carriers.

High technology realized in this type of vehicle makes it possible to demonstrate visually a wide range of it’s capacities.