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Stiletto Systems shows new STL–016 sniper rifle for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Following the successful completion of tests in early 2016, Ukrainian-British Stiletto Systems Ltd. has debuted its new STL–016 sniper rifle at the «Arms and Security 2016» defence show in Kyiv.

The new STL–016 sniper rifle developments for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine. The new rifle .300 WSM capable of piercing 8 mm (Brinell hardness 500) armor plate at ranges from 1000 m and 11 mm at ranges from 800 m.

The STL–016 rifle  has a combat weight of 6.2 kg, a length of 1,250 mm (including a barrel of 640 mm), an effective firing range of 2,000 m, and a cartridge capacity of 5-10 rounds.


According to press-service of Stiletto Systems company, the STL–016 sniper rifle will be competitively priced when compared with such rifles.

Earlier Stiletto Systems Ltd. held a successful presentation of new ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard in Ukraine.

The new ammunition included Stiletto 9mm LUGER bullet with muzzle velocity 600m/sec, a close quarter armor piercing round designed to penetrate all current body armor and light armored vehicles; Stiletto 7.62/51 armor piercing ‘Sniper’ bullet with muzzle velocity 810 to 830m/sec capable of piercing 12 to 20.5mm (Brinell hardness 450) armor plate at ranges from 100 to 600m; Stiletto.338LM armor piercing ‘Sniper’ bullet with muzzle velocity up to 900m/sec capable of piercing all known body armor up to a range of 1,800m and armor plates from 12 to 20.5mm at a range of 700m; Stiletto AP bullet of 5,56 x 45 mm (with wolfram carbide core) capable of piercing armor plates over 10mm from the distance of up to 450m.

The source said that now Stiletto Systems Ltd. is working on plans to organize production of new bullets in Ukraine.


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