Thursday, September 24, 2020

Stiletto Systems Ltd. conducted the successful test of new unique bullets

Stiletto Systems Ltd. company has successfully conducted a test of a new type of bullets .

On September 23, the trials of a new generation of ammunition developed by the Stiletto Systems Ukraine (part of British Stiletto Systems Ltd. company) took place at proving ground of the military unit stationed in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

The trials of new armor-piercing bullets developed by Stiletto Systems were carried out at a proving ground in the presence of the representatives of the Central Research Institute of Weaponry and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military units, the National Guard of Ukraine, and the mass media.


“During the firing test of these unique new Stiletto Systems bullets we saw they penetrate armour sets like used in body armour and light armoured vehicles, like APCs like BTR-80 and BMP-1/2/3,” company representative Dmytro Malyasov said.

According to the company, Stiletto Systems pistol cartridge can penetrate any personal armour in close quarters fighting or the counterterrorist operation. These munitions have successfully passed a series of tests abroad.

“Even the strongest body armour, protection class 6a in Ukrainian classification can’t provide protection from a new bullet of the Stiletto Systems company,” Malyasov assures.

As reported earlier, in 2014 the only small arms ammunition enterprise in Ukraine – Luhansk cartridge plant – was captured by Russian-controlled militants. Ukrainian military has repeatedly stated they need a new cartridge plant, but the issue of producing ammunition remains unresolved. That was reported by

Photo by <a href="">Roman Borshch</a>
Photo by Roman Borshch


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Stiletto Systems offers a new generation of high power systems that will change current defence paradigms through performance, range and accuracy. Stiletto technology is now ready for market entry and Stiletto has just launched the pre-manufacturing/production phase. Stiletto is a UK registered business with all manufacturing and exports taking place from the UK.

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