Sunday, September 20, 2020

Stiletto Systems discloses newest generation armour-piercing ammunition development

Source of the Stiletto Systems Limited company has disclosed details about the development of the newest generation of armour-piercing ammunition that are can be used to immobilise APCs and Infantry Combat Vehicles.

That was reported by Ukrainian Center for Defence Initiatives (UCDI).

According to a center statement, the Stiletto Systems developed a new family of the armour-piercing ammunition is capable of penetrating the newest types of bulletproof vests or even light armored vehicles such as BTR-82, BMP-2, WZ551 and other.


The Stiletto Systems company has carried out a range of tests and experiments at accredited test facilities for 7,62x39mm and 5,45x39mm (similar to 5,56x45mm) calibre ammunition including firing, both with steel and carbide-tipped core. And now developed a new family of armour-piercing ammunition with advanced design core made from special German materials that are resistant to high temperatures, pressure and stretching.

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The latest tests that were conducted by Stiletto Systems with a new 7.62 bullet weighing 13 grams showed phenomenal results.  Those tests concluded that the new 13 g projectiles provided by Stiletto able to penetrate 25 mm steel hardened to 454 HBW and after 80 mm concrete structure. In so doing, a bullet’s core in a special jacket wasn’t damaged or deformed.

bullet’s core

It is worth noting that the Jane’s International Defence Revie reported that in 2017 by the Ukrainian Central Research Institute of Armament and Military Hardware was conducted tests by Stiletto ammunition in 7.62×53.3 mm (WSM .300) and 5.45×39 mm calibres compared with 12.7×108 mm BZT-44 and 7.62×54 mm B-32.

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The target for the BZT-44, an AP round, was a 20.5 mm-thick ARMSTAL 500 armoured plate. The B-32 was tested against a 14 mm-thick sheet of ARMOX 500. The BZT-44 round was left stuck in the 20.5 mm plate, whereas the Stiletto 7.62 mm round achieved complete penetration. The B-32 failed to penetrate the 14 mm plate, while the 5.45 mm round from Stiletto fully pierced the plate. All of the tests were conducted with a range of 220 m.

The source said that now Stiletto Systems Ltd. is working on plans to organize production of new bullets in Ukraine and other countries.

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