Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Stiletto Systems announces radical rethink of high power bullet technology

Stiletto Systems has announced that it is implementing a multi-stage plan to a radical rethink of high power bullet technology.

According to a company’s statement, bullet technology today has been surpassed by the technology of personal body armour and that of vehicle armoured plate. It is time for released a new generation of high power systems that will change current defense paradigms through performance, range and accuracy.

In general, the effectiveness of small arms ammunition depends on the armour-piercing core of ammunition: the quality of core material, its form and importantly the kinetic energy being delivered.


The operating principle of the improved bullet is identical to existing ammunitions except for the fact that it is developed with new bullet design and included new materials for producing.

Stiletto Systems states that developing a new generation of bullets that have a 3 part designed to revolutionize how bullets impact and pierces targets protected by to 20.5 mm armour plate.

The company has demonstrated the ability to penetrate modern body armour using small calibre weapons and the ammunition’s abilities against heavy armoured plates, indicating that the future soldier may be more than capable of engaging an armoured vehicle without recourse to heavy weapons or artillery.

What this means in practical terms is that a NATO’s soldier can carry a smaller andlighter  payload of equipment and ammunition, but is still be able to perform as if they were carrying significantly heavier equipment.

This improves agility yet reduces fatigue and ensures greater stamina and effectiveness in even the most strenuous and demanding of situations. Operatives can also carry a variety of different ammunition for different applications to suit the circumstances.

An infantry soldier can convert his rifle into a weapon capable of stopping an armoured fighting vehicle with a single shot and then switch back to standard ammunition.

To date, Stiletto System products have successfully completed extensive certification with independent testing bodies and have been certified by the Defence Academy of the UK and, ABAL, Brussels as well as major ammunition producers including General Dynamics and Orbital ATK in the USA.

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