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STC Delta unveils new mobile mortar system at IDEX 2019


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Sakartvelo’s (also known as Georgia) Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Centre unveiled at the IDEX 2019 defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi a new mobile mortar system.

The new weapon system was formally unveiled during the IDEX 2019 defense exhibition on 17 February. It is a Didgori Meomari armored vehicle equipped with an integrated hydro-pneumatic mechanism for 120mm mortar.

The 120mm mortar is mounted on an open turntable in the existing Didgori Meomari armored modular vehicle.

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The mortar is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, in fire position the mortar is deployed at the rear of the chassis on a base-plate platform, firing 120mm rounds and sending the recoil energy directly into the ground.

The family of 4×4 armored vehicles DIDGORI Well protected, Highly maneuverable and Versatile, it is ready for today’s rapidly changing battlefield environment
Designed, constructed and assembled according to modern standards with superior protection for crew members in mind.

“Thanks to modular design, high mobility and excellent cross country performance DIDGORI is ready for Any- mission, Anytime, Anywhere,” said in the company.

Delta produces a wide range of other products such as flight simulators, various modifications of 4X4 armored vehicles (including 4×4 amphibious vehicle), C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence systems) precipitation management systems, and other military and civil equipment, available upon request to interested customers.

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