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Singapore Army unveils new PCSV armored vehicle


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Singapore’s Air Forces continue training in US

PKL Services Inc. has been awarded a USD10 million as part of its Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contract to continued F-15SG fighter aircraft maintenance and operations...

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) unveils new Protected Combat Support Vehicle (PCSV) for for the motorised infantry forces.  The PCSV will be commissioned by 2017.

The PCSV will provide improved firepower, protection and situational awareness for motorised infantry combat support and combat service support forces.

The key features of the PCSV include:

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Increased Payload. The protected vehicles can carry a payload of up to 4,000kg. This allows the PCSV to be configured to carry modular load such as mortar systems, battalion casualty stations and combat supplies for different combat support and combat service support functions.

Stronger Firepower. The protected vehicles are equipped with a 7.62mm Remote Machine Gun, which is operated from within the cabin, thereby protecting soldiers who are operating the weapon from exposure to hostile fires.

Better Protection. The vehicles have ballistic and mine protection features to protect soldiers and to fulfil operational requirements.

Enhanced Situational Awareness and Coordination. The onboard C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) suite of systems allow rapid information exchange with all friendly forces, increasing command and control and survivability on the battlefield. The recently commissioned Army Battlefield Internet will allow the Protected Combat Support Vehicles and Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles to operate on a common network, enabling the SAF’s motorised infantry forces to fight together in an integrated manner.

Number of Crew
Platform 2
Dismounted Up to 8
Length 7.25m
Width 2.60m
Height 2.75m
Weight 20 tonne
Power to Weight Ratio 14.8 hp/tonne
Maximum Speed 110km/h
Range 600km
Vertical Step Clearance 0.40m
Trench Clearance 0.95m
Maximum Front Slope 60%


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