Sunday, July 12, 2020

Russian troops now using small-scale robots in Syria


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Russia denies that Washington could buy Turkey’s S-400 systems

The Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation has denied that U.S. would be able to buy Turkey’s Russian-made S-400 air defense system under...

Russian mine-clearing group has used new SCARAB and SPHERE small-scale robots during demining the ancient monuments and infrastructure in Palmyra, Syria.

The Russian demining team is now operating the SCARAB Unmanned Ground Vehicle and SPHERE a baseball size wireless exploration drone, a photograph released by the on 18 April confirmed.

The SCARAB is a robotic system based on a light, robust, versatile platform. The system was developed by SET-1 Ltd. The SCARAB is designed to collect audio-video data in hard to reach or dangerous zones. The system transmits the data via RF link to the video surveillance and remote control unit.

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The exploration platform is a wheelbase with built-in high resolution cameras, thermal camera, microphone and audio-video transmitter.

Video data is digitally transmitted by wireless, which provides high quality and stability of the image even under poor signal distribution. The SCARAB uses video transmitters and receivers from CORDON series with COFDM-modulation, manufactured by SЕТ-1.


The SPHERE is a wireless exploration device (360 degrees) equipped with visual and IR cameras, microphones, position sensors, signal processing and data recording. The SPHERE is designed to efficiently collect audio-video data in hard to reach or dangerous zones. The system transmits the data via RF link to the video surveillance and remote control unit.

The SPHERE set consists of wireless exploration device and remote control, integrated with display. Video surveillance and remote controls unit receives audio and video transmission from the SPHERE. Obtained video is immediately displayed on the built-in monitor. Obtained audio information from the SPHERE’s microphone can listen via headphones.


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