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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Russian Comany Introduced New ABM-BSM30 Remote Turret for Hafeet vehicles

Russian ‘Research and development centre “Impulse-2″‘  introduced new ABM-BSM30 remote turret with 30 mm cannon, reported

The ABM-BSM30 is a remotely operated unmanned turret intended for integration onto modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs).


The ABM-BSM30 features a 30 mm A018L (GSH6-301) or 2A42 automatic cannon and smoke grenade launchers as well as several sensors that form the vehicles targeting system. It is assumed that the module is designed for the HAFEET Class of 6×6 vehicles by NIMR AUTOMOTIVE LLC.

The HAFEET  protected patrol 6×6 vehicle with a four man cabin armoured against IED, blast and ballistic threats. Fitted for mission communications and self-defence with a roof mounted gun ring. Can be integrated with a variety of larger mission systems and weapons systems.

All vehicles in the HAFEET Class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins.



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