Monday, August 10, 2020

Russia unveils new mobile mortar system mounted on Tigr vehicle

Motovilikhinskie Zavody PJSC (Perm) in partnership with JSC Central Research Institute Burevestnik (Nizhny Novgorod) has developed a new 120mm mobile mortar system mounted on the Tigr 4×4 all-terrain light armoured vehicle.

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The system – which was displayed at the Scientific and Technical Forum “Day of Advanced Technologies of Law Enforcement Agencies” at the test range of the Research Institute “Geodesy” in the Moscow region of Krasnoarmeysk – is a unified set of 120-mm mortar weapons with increased range of fire with full automation of preparation and conducting of fire, including high-precision ammunition.


The new mobile mortar system has high rate of fire, range, accuracy, maneuverability characteristics as well as high bomb fire power thus providing the troops with the capability to effectively and timely perform various combat missions emerging in modern warfare environments.

The military representatives of Iraq and Egypt have already expressed their interest in a new mobile mortar system based on the Tiger armored vehicle.

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