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Netherlands Marine Corps to receive new DMV Anaconda military vehicles


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Royal Netherlands Navy will receive underwater robots

Defensie Materieel Organisatie recently signed a contract with Saab for the supply of Sea Wasp ROVs for the Koninklijke Marine, Gabriel Alberto Bazzolo reported...

Pentagon clears $40M sale of Excalibur tactical projectiles to Netherlands

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said the U.S. State Department had approved the sale of Excalibur tactical projectiles to the Netherlands. The U.S. State Department...

Boeing delivers newest configuration of Chinook to Royal Netherlands Air Force

Boeing, is a world's largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial and military aircraft, has announced that it recently delivered the first CH-47F...

Netherlands F-16 fighter jet literally ran into its own rounds during exercise

The Dutch state broadcaster NOS has reported a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft literally ran into its own rounds in January...

The Netherlands Marine Corps or Korps Mariniers will receive a first 36 DMV Anaconda 4×4 tactical military vehicles in 2019.

The first 36 DMV Anaconda tactical military vehicles developed by the Deba Bedrijfswagens B.V.  will be formally transferred to Korps Mariniers on 31 January 2019. Two months later, another 10 will follow.

The DMV Anaconda is a light 4×4 vehicle in the seven-tonne class.  Vehicle is based on an Italian Iveco chassis.

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The front protected power pack consists of an Iveco diesel generating 180 kW, coupled to an automatic transmission with one reverse and five forward gears. This gives a maximum road speed of 110 km/h and a maximum range of 1,000 km.

“The car has the head of a snake, is strong on land and water, fairly silent and rather deadly,” explains Xander Zonligt from DEBA the name of a new vehicle.


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