Thursday, November 5, 2020

Minotor-Service promotes new Vitim armoured vehicle to the Southeast Asian market

The Belarusian company Minotor-Service has exhibited its new Vitim multi-purpose amphibious armoured vehicle at some Asian military exhibitions.

According to a Minotor-Service spokesperson, the new 4×4 multi-purpose amphibious armoured vehicle designed for the use with ground forces and Marine Corps units. The hull of Vitim armoured vehicle also protects against under blast from F-1 and RGO hand grenades, as well as and against plastic explosives containing the equivalent of 0.5 kg of TNT.

The new armored vehicle design by «Minotor-Service» is fully amphibious and can swim ; it is also air transportable by Il-76, An-70, C-130 and A400M. The first prototype is planned to produce in 2017.

Crew 1+4
Length, mm 5300
Width, mm 2400
Height, mm 2200
Wheelbase, mm 3200
Ground clearance, mm 430
Overhang angles, front / rear, deg 40/40
Wheel formula 4 х 4
Vehicle weight, kg 6000
Load capacity, kg 1000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 7000
The smallest turning radius on the case, m 8,1
Engine Type turbocharged diesel
Engine power kW (h.p.) 158 (215)
Maximum speed km 125
Maximum speed afloat, km 5
Range, km 800
Transmission manual, 5-speed


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