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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Mack Defense to supply heavy-load dump trucks for U.S. Army

Mack Defense LLC of Upper Macungie Township has been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense for heavy-load dump trucks.

The contract, from U.S. Army Contracting Command and announced on Tuesday, is valued at more than $296.4 million under the terms of a 7-year firm-fixed-price contract that enables Mack Defense to provide 683 M917A3 armored heavy-load dump trucks, according to the Pentagon.

The U.S. Army began looking for its next generation of new armored dump trucks last year.


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The Army contract requirements indicate that the M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck “shall be capable of individually hauling a variety of dry and wet loads to include blast rock, concrete with reinforcing bars, dirt, hot asphalt, snow, rubble, large boulders and sand and shall have a rate payload capacity of now less than 22.5 tons for primary and secondary roads and the use of integrated sideboards for on-road payloads; 27 tons for primary and secondary roads and the use of integrated sideboards for on-road payloads.”

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The Army requirement includes both armored and unarmored M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, the Pentagon said. The contract will expire in May 2025.

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