Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ukrainian company unveils new Kozak-5 light multi-purpose tactical vehicle

The «Practika»  company is developing a new Kozak-5 4×4 light wheeled multi-purpose tactical armoured personnel carrier (APC) for the Ukrainian Army and export. This was reported by Defense Express.

Ukrainian airborne troops have already shown interest in acquiring the latest variant of the Kozak-5 armoured personnel carrier. The new vehicle based on Iveco EuroCargo chassis and has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating of 10 000 kg.

The new vehicle is designed to protect against ballistic threats with an outstanding on and off road capability thanks to its high powered  engine. Kozak-5 is specifically designed for high speed mobility operations such as Quick Reaction Force, and Convoy Escort duties. With a large payload, crew compartment and an option to fit a remote-controlled weapons station enables Kozak-5 to provide an ideal fire support platform. The vehicles components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded.


The «Practika»  company now is a leading enterprise in Ukraine in sphere of safety and has gained trust not only of domestic clients, but also of customers from such countries as: the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Nigeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc. .

Kozak-5 (c) Defense Express
Kozak-5 (c) Defense Express

Kozak-5 (c) Defense Express
Kozak-5 (c) Defense Express

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