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German Army contracts guided missiles for MARS rocket systems


Germany’s Army, known as the Bundeswehr, plans to procure a batch of new unitary guided missiles with a unitary warhead for the MARS II rocket launcher.

According to a press release issued on 2 July by Bundeswehr, the national parliament of the Federal Republic has approved the acquisition of new MARS II rockets.

The contract, from the German Army, will be valued at more than $239 million and covers the supply of 1,818 unitary guided missiles.

As the MilitaryLeak previously reported, these high-precision missiles are fired by the MARS II rocket launcher and can hit point and area targets up to 80 kilometers away with pinpoint accuracy and in any weather condition. With the planned further procurement of missiles. Also for the VJTF in 2023, 170 guided missiles of the Patriot ground-based air defense system from the Bundeswehr inventory will be upgraded.

The MARS II is a Guided Multiple-Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) which based American-made M270 MLRS system.

The MARS has been an efficient partner for threat scenarios within the framework of network centric operations for general, as well as for operational firefights. Depending on the type of target, the MARS can fire different types of munitions over distances ranging from 10 to 70 km.

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