Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd (ASX: EOS) has announced two developments that will open up opportunities for the supply of weapons and defence systems to meet a growing demand to increase the firepower of armoured infantry vehicles.

The company has completed significant testing milestones of two new weapon systems. The systems, first revealed at the Army USA Show in Washington DC (21-23 October 2013) are:
Remotely Operated Turret for 30-40 mm cannon. This product is a new category of high performance turret, intended to deploy the Orbital ATK Mk44 30-40 mm cannon. The turret is lightweight at just 1300 kg and allows precision engagement from a moving vehicle to targets beyond 4 km.

R-400S Remote Weapon System. This is an upgraded version of EOS’s R-400 [CROWS] RWS. It enables deployment of the Orbital ATK M230LF 30mm cannon in a lightweight 400kg system, allowing precision engagement from a moving vehicle to targets beyond 2 km.


According to EOS CEO, Dr Ben Greene, the two new products meet a growing demand for increased firepower across the entire range of next-generation combat vehicles, both tracked and wheeled. The EOS products set new benchmarks for firepower while, importantly, offering significantly reduced weight.

Both products have now successfully completed major qualification processes, in each case spanning two years of testing.