Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Denmark selects CAESAR self-propelled 155mm gun-howitzer installed on an 8X8 truck chassis


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The Denmark’ military announced that they had ordered 15 new CAESAR self-propelled 155mm gun-howitzers to replace ageing M109A3DK 155mm turreted self-propelled howitzers.

The CAESAR 8X8 self-propelled 155mm gun-howitzer developed by Nexter Group.

The Denmark’ military selected the new 8X8 version with the automated loading system and direct fire capability. They will become the first customer of this version. According to announce, Danish army will be ordered 15 CAESAR 8X8 self-propelled 155mm gun-howitzers with an option for 6 more.

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The new CAESAR self-propelled 155mm gun-howitzer installed on a Tatra Т815 8X8 truck chassis, that it makes it possible to increase payload (30 tonnes/30 rounds) and is equipped with a brand new fully automated ammunition loading system. CAESAR 8×8 has a more extensive range enabling it to propose innovative, mobile, deployable artillery, the fire power of which still remains unequalled.

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