Wednesday, July 8, 2020

CMI Defence unveils new generation of CPWS multi-role turret at IDEX 2019


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Belgian CMI Defence has unveiled its new version of light and multi-role turret, called the CPWS Gen. 2, during the IDEX 2019 exhibition.

According to the company, the new generation of remotely-operated CPWS (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) integrates proven advanced technologies with a range of medium calibre automatic guns of 25 and 30mm. It provides stabilized, survivable, high lethality at low weight.

The CPWS Gen. 2 significantly increases the operational capability and flexibility of light, high-mobility armoured vehicles.

Thierry Renaudin President of CMI Defence said: “Due to the unique design of its mobile and removable hatch, the Cockerill CPWS Gen.2 is multi-mission capable. It can accommodate 25mm and 30mm calibre cannons and an anti-tank missile capability. Last but not least, this light system allows for under-armour reloading, thus maximizing the protection of the crews.”

Also noted that CPWS Gen 2 will have a turret structure of all-welded ballistic aluminium armour with a single piece hatch cover that can be raised into a number of positions depending on the operation environment.

These are fully closed, removed when carrying out Operations Other Than War (OOTW), partly raised for observation through 360°, and fully open to enable the gunner to rapidly exit the vehicle.

Four configurations are available:

  • Fully closed hatch: allows the crew to operate in a hostile environment with a maximum level of protection;
  • Elevated hatch: allows the crew to perform 360° direct observation manoeuvers and, if necessary, allow for the use of individual weapons;
  • Large Open Hatch: allows the crew to evacuate the system quickly and securely;
  • Removed Hatch: allows the crew to patrol in an exposed position, ideally for operations other than war.

Moreover, the versatility of the CPWS Gen. 2 is reinforced by its ability to integrate different main weapons, depending on the mission to be fulfilled. In particular, it is designed to accommodate M242 25mm caliber guns and M230LF 30mm caliber guns.

Finally, the CPWS Gen. 2 retains the advantages of its predecessor: it is remotely operated from the vehicle on which it is integrated; it allows for reloading under armour and, given its lightweight, it can be integrated on all types of 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and tracked chassis.

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