During the IDEX exhibition, from February 22 to 26, Nexter will unveil for the first time a VBCI IFV fitted with the T40 turret on its booth (CP 240/260). This turret is equipped with the 40CTAS, a revolutionary 40mm cannon developed by CTA International and recently qualified and selected by the French Army for its future JAGUAR recce vehicle and by the British Army for its Scout programme.

Over several decades, Nexter has established a relationship of trust with the United Arab Emirates, symbolised by the signing of the Leclerc MBT contract in 1993. With two offices in the Middle-East, Nexter has a presence on the ground which makes daily contact with UAE forces easier and ensures the sustainability of the Group’s relations in the country.

The VBCI is the latest generation of 8×8 armoured infantry fighting vehicle designed and manufactured by the French Company Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense. The VBCI is now the backbone of the French army mechanized units and it has replaced the AMX-10P tracked armoured vehicle which is in service with the French army since 1973.