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Aselsan unveils new generation of Korhan infantry fighting vehicle


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Turkey’s largest defense company, Aselsan, has displayed new Korhan infantry fighting vehicle with 35mm automatic cannon.

Aselsan has unveiled the design of a new Korhan infantry fighting vehicle at International Defence Industry Fair 2017 (IDEF) in Istanbul, Turkey. The new vehicle equipped with advanced target detection and tracking systems as well as high firepower, Korhan can provide the highest level of user and system survival with its state-of-the-art self-protection and environmental awareness systems. Thanks to its open and extensible architecture, the system will be upgraded and equipped with new additions and the necessary facilities in accordance with upcoming requirements.

A 35-millimeter cannonball with high firing speed is used as the main weapon in Korhan’s system. The said cannon is being manufactured by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institute with national resources. The system also has the capability to use the 35-millimeter particle ammunition developed and produced by ASELSAN in Turkey without any external dependency.

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The Korhan can also defend itself against helicopters, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles that threaten itself and its team. Also,  the Korhan system is equipped with a 7.62-millimeter machine gun mounted in the same firing line mechanic as the main weapon for self-defense against close-range threats from land.

Korhan infantry fighting vehicle with 35mm automatic cannon. Photo by TAH Savunma‏

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