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New Chinese Type-96B main battle tanks arrived in Russia

The  Type-96B variant of Chinese  main battle tanks arrived in the Moscow Region to participate in the International Army Games 2016.

Echelon with military hardware of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has arrived at the Taman motorized rifle brigade in order to participate in the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov attack” contests held within the International Army Games 2016.

T-72 tank is the main tank of the “Tank biathlon” contest. Team of China will operate its own tanks.


The Chinese team is the first one to arrive. The rest participants of these contests will arrive until the end of the week.

Team of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has delivered 5 tanks and 4 IFVs as well as munitions and materials for participation in the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov attack” contests.

The International Army Games 2016 are taking place at 20 training grounds of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 30 – August 13. More than 130 teams from 20 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will compete for the title of the best in 23 contests.  

The new Type-96B variant was revealed on Chinese online forums on 5 July by a blogger posting a video of the tank on its way to high altitude testing. Two days later images emerged of the new tank beginning its trip to Russia.

Except for an improved ventilation system, the Type-96B appears to show no visible changes to the turret, optical sensors or main 125 mm gun armament.

Unconfirmed Chinese reports indicate that computer and digital communication systems have been improved, allowing tank commanders to benefit from common integrated intelligence of the battlefield processed at higher levels of command.


The reports also point to improvements reportedly made to the Type-96Bs engine, exhaust system, suspension, and running wheels.

The engine and new rear-mounted exhaust system appear to have benefited from those developed for Norinco’s VT-4 export MBT. If this is the case, the Type-96B may have a 1,200 hp liquid-cooled diesel engine.

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