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LITPOLUKRBRIG kicks off Brave Band training

With Battle Staff Training Brave Band, military and civilian personnel from Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command begin a new training cycle for 2017, on 27 February 2017.

During the next five days, the multinational staff will test and exercise capabilities to lead affiliated units throughout operations, rotate battalions and withdraw troops.

“The scenario for this event runs along with our previous trainings and allows the staff officers not to start from a very beginning, but to continue developing operational situation and exercise different aspects of crisis-response missions” explained Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis, Chief of Staff of LITPOLUKRBRIG.


For the training purposes the Multinational Brigade deployed a Command Post, while the HQ Battalion established communication lines to ensure exchange of information.

“Brave Band introduces us with a new training cycle for this year. The lessons have been learned from the previous training activities and the minor changes in the command structure have been applied. Now, we have an opportunity to test their applicability and become better prepared for the future tasks’’ said Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, Deputy Commander.

According to Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Commander Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, this Battle Staff training will set a pace for the activities within Full Operational Capabilities.

“As the Command is “Combat Ready”, we remain ready to execute tasks if any are received. The staff officers from Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine are required to use this available time to improve their professional skills, interoperability and be ready to be deployed at short notice” concluded Colonel Zenon Brzuszko.

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