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LITPOLUKRBRIG begins its participation in ANAKONDA 16 Exercise

LITPOLUKRBRIG begins its participation in ANAKONDA 16 Exercise oriented on training and coordination Crisis-response Operations in Nowa Dęba training ground, scheduled to take place between 6th and 17th of June.

The exercise opening ceremony was held by Brigadier General Adam Joks, the Multinational Brigade Commander today, on 6th of June, and involved participants from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary and the USA.

During welcoming speech Brigadier General Adam Joks expressed his belief in the significance of this event. According to the LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander’s words, ANAKONDA 16 Exercise creates a wide spectrum of opportunities to cooperate with military partners from participating nations. During next 10 days the soldiers will work, train and live together shoulder to shoulder to achieve all desired training objectives and develop military capabilities. Hence, participation in this operation will allow raising the level of training, establishing mutual trust and understanding between the involved armies.


For Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade this is the first significant training event since opening its Command on 26th of January this year. The unit deploys a command post which will issue orders to the subordinated and affiliated elements and run them during simulated operation.

“ANAKONDA 16 provides us, the LITPOLUKRBRIG Command and certain affiliated units, with a possibility to verify the capacities of interoperability within the Brigade, as well as cooperation with the potential and current partners of the unit. We are brothers in arms and we will show that during this training event. At the end of the day we will be more proficient, more interoperable and better prepared to meet the NATO standards and international cooperation military requirements,” Brigadier General Adam Joks commented.

In particular, a Ukrainian airborne platoon with 80th Airborne Brigade has been attached to a Polish battalion. It opens an opportunity to exercise interoperability on tactical level and explore successfulness of combined tactical units.

It shall be recalled that the ANAKONDA 16 exercise, taking place at the largest Polish military ranges all around the country, will involve 31 thousand soldiers, hailing from 23 countries.

At the end of the ceremony Brigadier General Adam Joks wished all participants the successful and safe training and good working atmosphere.

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