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Illinois National Guard Commander visits Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade

Major General Richard J. Hayes, Jr., the Adjutant General of Illinois National Guard, along with his delegation arrived to Lublin to familiarize with the aspects of functioning of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command, on 28 March 2017.

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Commander of LITPOLUKRBRIG Colonel Zenon Brzuszko welcomed the guests and stressed his belief in the fruitfulness of the working meeting, aimed at tightening bilateral cooperation. Deputy Commander Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov and Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis introduced the Multinational Brigade staff, national components and prospective of LITPOLUKRBRIG capabilities generating to the US representatives.


Consequently, during the visit the Multinational Brigade Command officers discussed with Major General Richard J. Hayes, and his delegation, the areas of further cooperation and networking. Precisely, certain training events, workshops, and sharing of experience by Illinois National Guard professionals were negotiated.

“LITPOLUKRBRIG is a young structure agilely striving to collect, test and apply practices from advanced militaries from all over the world. Such an approach opens many doors and brings opportunities to gain high level of proficiency. Hence, we are truly happy, that our US partners are eager to mentor some of our training events and let us become better soldiers,” summarized the visit Colonel Zenon Brzuszko.

Photo by Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer
Photo by Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer

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Oleksandr Gain
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