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IAI unveils latest loitering munition at DEFEA in Greece

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) revealed their latest weapon systems at the DEFEA Exhibition 2021 in Athens, Greece.

During the DEFEA exhibition, IAI presenting a variety of cutting-edge defense solutions for air, naval and land applications including C-130 maintenance capabilities, the Barak MX Air & Missile Defense System, loitering munition capabilities, flagship MMR radars and more.

Their latest kamikaze drones like the Harpy are of particular interest because they can be used as a weapon by crashing into a target. These weapons can also hunt down enemy air defenses, among other critical targets.


The loitering munitions family developed by IAI includes the Harpy-NG – a third generation of the system homing against radiating targets, the HAROP, a second-generation of a precision electro-optical attack system, the Mini-Harpy, dual (Electro-optical day& night + Anti-Radiation seeker) tactical advanced munitions system and the tactical loitering Green-Dragon system, as well as the ROTEM VTOL Tactical Loitering Munition.

IAI says the Mini-Harpy is the world’s only loitering munition with Dual EO/IR and Anti-Radiation seeker. The ability to seek and attack any target from any direction at any angle gives the Mini HARPY a significant advantage in any environment. In addition, long-range communication, long-endurance of loitering time and a deadly warhead enable it to deal with diverse targets in modern warfare.

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