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Gabriel Bazzolo: Raytheon ATVs armed with laser weapons will blast drones out of the sky

Laser weapon plus military grade ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) equals blasting enemy drones out of the sky.

This is an ingenious way to provide easily movable defense against the growing threat of attacks from enemy drones. Terrorist drone destroying Raytheon laser weapons mounted on military Polaris Defense ATVs could soon be destroying enemy drones before they can harm U.S. forces with explosives.

Rapidly driving an MRZR to support an area under attack by a swarm of small drones, it will look like the warrior has something resembling “R2D2” popping his head out of the backseat. But terrorists will quickly learn it is not a cute robot, it is a powerful drone slaying laser weapon. This isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. Last autumn the Raytheon and Polaris team proved that destroying drones with the MRZR HEL armed weapon works. As long as there is power, U.S. forces will never run out ammunition with a laser weapon.


This is an outstanding solution to immediately provide U.S. forces with more options to protect the force from these proliferating flying threats. The Polaris Defense MRZR will be able to reach teams in remote areas with difficult terrain and provide them a laser weapon for their arsenal. Raytheon’s Multi-Spectral Targeting System is a high energy laser (HEL) combined with electro-optical and infrared sensors.

Delivering 20 to 30 blasts on about the same electricity as a fridge, recent reports suggest the system can already detect an enemy drone at more than 16,400 feet to blast it out of the sky. U.S. forces could soon drive these to forward operating bases to protect teams there, to landing strips to protect arriving aircraft or position the MRZRs with HEL to protect MEDEVAC to make sure wounded are not prevented from reaching care by drones.


Gabriel Bazzolo


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Gabriel Alberto Bazzolo
Gabriel Alberto Bazzolo
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