Monday, June 27, 2022

«Dozor-B» light armored vehicles has successfully conducted the live firing test of 23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun

Ukrainian-made «Dozor-B» has successfully conducted the  live firing test of  new remotely controlled combat module «Viy» with  23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun.

23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun “GSh-23L” designed for firing at air and ground targets with fragmentation high-explosive, armor-bursting and armor-piercing incendiary shells.

The structure of combat module «Viy» is based on commander hatch of the tank T-64 which ensures the reliability of the structure of combat module «Viy», simplifies the manufacture and therefore reduces its cost.


For storage and loading of ammunition combat module «Viy» is quipped with box-type ammunition mechanism with capacity of 250 pcs of 23mm ammunition. It has a rigid welded construction and is attached to the back wall of the combat module «Viy».

The combat module «Viy» can be mounted on light armored vehicles (LAV) such as «Dozor-B» and intended to destroy medium armored targets, firing points, manpower and enemy air targets. LAV with combat module «Viy» are designed for patrol, reconnaissance and combat missions.


The Dozor B is a 4×4 light armoured personnel carrier (APC) privately developed by Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) in Ukraine. This tactical utility vehicle can carry three crew members and eight troops.

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