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Transportation design students unveiled models of Army’s ground vehicle concepts


Transportation design students at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit unveiled models of their ground vehicle concepts which address the Army’s mobility needs for sustaining operations in extreme environments.

The presentation of transportation design students was the culmination of a semester-long project, called Soldier Innovation Workshop, where students working with engineers and scientists at the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center designed vehicle concepts with input from the Michigan National Guard.

The Soldiers and students worked collaboratively to develop ideas and design concepts for capability requirements for the Army. Military engineers provide guidance of the technical details of the ideations.

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The top three College of Creative Studies student winners were Henry Parrott, Seukjun Yun, and Ajeet S. Sandhu.

Over the years, Soldier Innovation Workshops have focused on topics including mobile protected firepower, arctic mobility, and the Next Generation Combat Vehicle. Some major outcomes of these workshops have been TARDEC’s Virtual Window prototype for increased situational awareness and the Squad Centric Mounted Maneuver initial prototype vehicles.

Henry Parrott, a transportation design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, talks about his vehicle concept designs
Ajeet S. Sandhu, a transportation design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, talks about his vehicle concept designs
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