Upcoming Events

Defence Communications
26th-27th September 2017
Krakow, Poland

Defence Communications 2017 offers a platform for senior military operators, expert researchers and capability directors from leading defence agencies to meet with a host of solution providers from leading companies to assist in shaping the future of defence communications.


Arms and Security – 2017
10th-13th October 2017
Kyiv, Ukraine

The exhibition conducting on the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine will have not only a great practical but also social significance. The exhibition “Arms and Security” is a unique tool for the deepening of military and military‑technical cooperation with foreign partners, to strengthen domestic economic potential and for the union of all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of gender, nationality or religion, around the idea of building a new strong and prosperous Ukraine.


Naval Damage Control
3rd-5th October 2017
Portsmouth, UK

This year’s Naval Damage Control will focus on how the growing automation of ships is affecting damage control what this means for crew training, response and procedures when an incident occurs. The meeting will also examine what the increased use of automated systems means from a procurement position for industry, government agencies and navies.


Naval Domain Intelligence
17th-18th October 2017
Livorno, Italy

Naval Domain Intelligence aims to exploit the opportunities of Naval UxV, surface & air sensors to enable a complete Recognised Maritime Picture that can be distributed quickly and securely between allies. This two-day meeting will explore how Naval communication systems and networks can manoeuvre within A2/AD environments and counter vulnerabilities to EW and cyber-attacks.


Combat Helicopter
17th-19th October 2017
Krakow, Poland

Combat Helicopter, Europe’s largest dedicated military helicopter event, provides the tri-services community with the unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities for next generation, multi-role rotary platforms.


Combat Engineer
7th-9th November 2017
Nuremberg, Germany

The scale of investment in European defence from NATO partners and the European Union sees continued development of military engineer capabilities. Combat Engineer 2017 will explore these key topics and remains the leading event that discusses and showcases innovative military engineering capabilities and industry solutions.


KADEX 2018
23th-26th May 2018
Astana city, Kazakhstan

The V International Exhibition KADEX-2018 – the most massive and sought event in the life of Kazakhstan’s defense industry. The International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment “KADEX” is a wonderful platform for demonstration of the latest advances in the sphere of defence industry and opinion exchange between experts.


ADAS 2018
26th-28th September 2018

The third ADAS in the Series remains the only dedicated Defense and Security Exhibition held in the Philippines to serve the Republic and the wider Asia Pacific region.

Following a very successful launch in 2014, the second edition in 2016 achieved even greater success and grew by 42%, reaffirming its position as The Philippines’ Flagship Defense and Security Event.